Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Getting going

Okay, well I finally got prodded enough to finally put something "on paper" as it were.

Don't you just hate that staring at a blank page thing? - grrrrr!

So, figured it's best to just jump right in and start. - Ooo incidentally, that reminds me - apologies to those who like proper scansion etc. - sometimes it's hard for me to use the word "I". That's mainly a manifestation of BD (Body Dismorphia) - on bad days and when insecure, it's really difficult. Getting easier though and on the "fix it" list for down the line.

So, it's the end of the Living History Season proper. Hopefully we may get to some winter/off-season events this year but we don't know yet. Been a manic year, but so much fun for both of us and after a couple of low-ish years for both of us, the joy and the fun has really come back!

For now, it's back to studies (for both of us) C is just entering the third year of his BSc(Hons) in Physics with Astrophysics and I've just started a distance learning BA(Hons) in Theatre Studies which is amazing, but, given that it's my first time learning since my associate, degree very intimidating.

When we're not studying, we split time mainly between our three cats (who're familiars rather than pets and tend to be treated as children and when referred to collectively, it's "the kids"); the garden; various crafts; magic (as in illusion - C is a former member of the Irish Magic Circle); cooking; and a whole heap of other stuff too.

Right now though, I have to run. We had our first frost yesterday morning and it's wrong-footed me so I'm still playing catch-up. I need to go light the fire for more hot water and to dry the laundry. Then like FLYlady always says, "babystep" until back on top!